Discoveries Along The Way…

Surprising discoveries:

  • Because the air is so incredibly dry ( South pole being one of the driest places on Earth), the static electricity is extremely powerful. I now have a little flinch every time I touch a door handle or anything else metal because I don’t know how bad the shock will be. Max taught me to hit the handle before opening, which seems to make the shock not as painful. Today I even made a spark when opening a metal drawer.
  •  Trash is much more complicated here. There are very specific categories for each item that we call “trash”. Once I take it out of my room I have to sort it into one of 12 different cabinets which are taken to different warehouses and compressed for shipping containers. Once a year a vessel comes with food and other items and then takes back trash, which is sent to different dumping stations in the United States. Some of it the program gets paid for, including iron, specific pallets and other scraps of value. Other stuff of value gets auctioned off.
  • IMG_1466[1]IMG_1467[1]
  • If you are interested in the weather or webcams of any or all stations, check out this website. You can find lots of other information also!
  • Here is a photo of some of the dorms
  • IMG_1455[1]

I spent today and yesterday working in a giant freezer as a “food monkey”. It is very cold, but great preparation for South Pole. I am scheduled to leave tomorrow, however, flights often get delayed and Max says the forecast for the weekend is not looking good.

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