Observation Hill (November 4th, 2015)

I spent another day working in the VMF. I am getting very good at the computer part of it. The Antarctic program uses their own receiving/issuing program to keep track of everything on every station.

After lunch I got my first forklifting lesson. I was finally getting to try something new and exciting. I got to drive an old military forklift used for transporting bombs. It is called a pickle, but that is definitely not what it is used for here. I was using it to move big air filters across town. I did not have any trouble and I really enjoyed the experience. Although we don’t have that specific type at Pole, it was good practice for the big CAT forklifts I will be driving soon.

Then after work, Neil, Nick(Max’s friends from last year at Pole) and I climbed Ob hill. It took an hour and fifteen minutes round trip and gave us great views of town and some of the surrounding projects. It is a steep hike with some icy spots so we did a lot of sliding. Overall, a very good trip and one more adventure to add to my little time in McMurdo.

IMG_1333[1]  IMG_1354[1]IMG_1346[1] IMG_1348[1] IMG_1342[1] IMG_1353[1]

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