The Common Drive

The common drive is used as a way to share photos of cool things people have done during the week. These are photos that have been posted on the common drive that I really like and thought y’all might enjoy. The penguin photos are from a trip to Cape Evans, which is about an hour drive. I went on a different Cape Evans trip, but did not see penguins up close. There aren’t any penguins near the station yet, but they do come later in the season. I was told Emperor Penguins are very curious and actually came up to the group. As part of the Antarctic Treaty, we are not allowed to disrupt wildlife. There are rules against touching or interfering with their daily lives.

IMG_0037 IMG_1392IMG_0101

This is a photo of a diver taking a photo of the Observation tube.


Someone took a picture of this seal while it was swimming by the Ob Tube.]


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