Life at McMurdo (10/28/15)

It is now the end of day 3 at McMurdo station. We had a smooth flight from Christchurch, although we were very close to turning around due to lack of visibility. I am so glad we made it! We had a 5 hour flight, which was definitely long enough on a military aircraft.IMG_1256IMG_1253

We came to town and I was immediately welcomed by a lady who is one of the supervisors for materials. She gave me a notebook with my schedule for the next few days. I got put to work right away and was told I have two weeks of training here which was news to me. I am pretty excited about it because they do a lot of stuff here for Halloween and I am meeting so many people.

Everyday so far I have sat through powerpoint presentations in the morning. There are a lot of safety talks and OSHA regulations that they are required to make us all aware of. Besides that, I spent yesterday in a heated fridge (I never thought of heating a fridge) doing food pulls with 2 McMurdo materials girls. We piled cans and packaged food to shoulder level on four different pallets. Today we did a similar task, but in a giant freezer. My childhood self is so jealous of this job. I spent all of my childhood climbing trees and getting myself stuck in hard to reach places. This job is the auld version of my childhood. We climb on and in stacks of wood boxes up to 30 feet high. I love it! But I do need a lot more practice before it gets any easier.

Max and the rest of the fire crew arrived today. I was close by and saw the plane fly by from a distance and then waited for the shuttle to bring them to town (it is an hour and fifteen minute drive from the runway). It was fun to be the first one they saw when they got off the shuttle.

After dinner I went on a guided trip to the pressure ridges near the Scott (New Zealand) base. It was so cool! It is the area on the Ross and Mcmurdo ice shelves where the ice has pushed together to create amazing formations. We are only allowed to go there if we have done the adventure training and are with a guide. I was really glad I was able to go.IMG_1303IMG_1272IMG_1283IMG_1264IMG_1263IMG_1292IMG_1265IMG_1289IMG_1275IMG_1270

Max and I then went to trivia for a little bit. It is a very popular event throughout the town. There were a lot of people and a lot of laughter. We ended the night with a few slices from the 24 hour pizza counter.

I have still not gotten used to walking around at 10:30 pm wearing sunglasses and then going to bed.


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