Club Med (South Pole med room)

There are so many things to learn in so little time! Medical training is complete and although I have taken this training 2 times before, I have much more confidence and a greater understanding of what problem needs what care. The training that was provided was Wilderness First Aid. However, the NOLS instructors focused the training on our specific needs, which was about getting people out of the cold and being able to administer a higher amount of care, since we will only have one doctor and 2 PAs.

Things we learned:

-how to set up and administer oxygen-treatment for hypothermia, wound care, how to make slings and splints, care for a choking victim, full body exams to check for injuries, how to take a pulse and be able to tell someone’s vitals, how to move an unconscious or injured patient, how to use an AED-CPR, burn treatments, how to hold the head for someone with a neck or spinal injury and how to strap someone to a sled or backboard etc.

Here are a few of the medical team are practicing hand placement before picking me up and moving me to the sled.

I am all wrapped up pretending I am at Pole.

I got a little claustrophobic once they strapped me in, but most likely I would be unconscious or paralyzed and it wouldn’t bother me.  They kept me warm and comfortable and then carried me around the building for practice.  They did a great job!

We had two and a half days to learn how to help in an emergency. At Pole, we are the first responders when something happens. We have to get med kits and go right to the scene. We each get a radio and are responsible for having it on 24/7 in case of an emergency.

We did a lot of practice scenarios, which were great because we have to figure out what is wrong and be able to work confidently in stressful situations.

Here is a leg wound I helped clean up. They did a good job with the fake blood!

It is now time for me to pack my bags because we have to leave the hotel in an hour for our first leg of the trip from Denver to Dallas, TX.

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