Life in the The Rockies

Day 2-5 of training: Our week of training flew by. We bonded a lot as a team and spent time going over rules and deciding the best way to handle conflict, irritation, concerns, etc. Everyday we had different initiatives or challenges to work through as a group. We succeeded!

One day we had to complete a geotreck course around the 800 acres of the YMCA Of The Rockies property. There were 80 points to find, and 5 groups with walkie-talkies and GPS units on the hunt. Our mission was to locate all the points and answer the questions asked in a two hour time limit. We had to come up with a plan and divide up work based on people’s strengths and weaknesses. We had 1000 points possible and ended up with 970. It was a very successful final challenge.

Today, a third of the group went for a hike in the Rocky Mountain National park. We saw a handful of elk and some breath taking views. In the end we travelled 7 miles and made it back in time for lunch.

Tomorrow the fire crew leaves for training in Denver, while the medical team stays at the YMCA for 3 days of training. We all meet up Wednesday night, before our medical team flies to Australia and New Zealand, arriving on the 24th. We hope to only have 2 days of training in Christchurch before going to McMurdo. Once there, we will meet with the entire winter over team before deploying to the South Pole.

Training has been very helpful, as we have learned a lot about each other, personality traits, and what to expect at Pole and how to handle different situations. It has been great to get to know the team before we are all in a completely new environment.



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