YMCA Camp in Estes Park

Day 1 of team training: We woke up at 6:00 am and ate a continental breakfast at our hotel and then met with the group to start our morning. So far, there are 6 females and about 33 males. We should have a total of 50 winter overs, so there are a few people who will not be at the training.

We started the morning by going to the ASC (Antarctic Support Contract) office in Denver. There we met many happy faces who are part of the full time staff and many people who helped with the hiring process. We also did some paperwork and got to hear what people love about the South Pole that keeps them going back year after year.

After spending the morning at the office we moved on to the YMCA in Estes Park, Colorado, for the remainder of our training. The scenery is amazing and everywhere I look I see roaming elk in camp. It is a very beautiful place and I am looking forward to the next week and a half here before a 16 hour flight to Australia.


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